Like several of our customers, you may need to increase the capacity of your Safesteril due to the success of your "Safesterilized" products.


Safesteril grows as you grow. Start small with one Safesteril line and double it's capacity with the "X2 upgrade". Purchase your Safesteril equipment with the "Ready for X2 option" for an easy transition to increase your capacity. Then order the "X2 upgrade" which will double your capacity.


Safesteril"Ready for X2 option" includes :

• Preparation in the control cabinet and PLC to allow operation of a second Spirajoule,

• Increase size of cooler to be able to cool twice the amount of product,

• Increase the capacity of the annexes (steam generator, water chiller, and air dryer) to supply enough fluids for the whole X2 line,

• Frame extension to support a second Spirajoule.


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